Zuni Mountain Chapter Back Country Horsemen of New Mexico has been incorporated since 2016. Our current focus is the Cibola National Forest Mount Taylor Ranger district and surrounding areas. We have members from Gallup, Grants, Ramah, and Thoreau. We welcome new members from all areas around the Zuni Mountains.

Volunteer with the Zuni Mountain Chapter:

Below is the link to our Membership application form. While it says 2021, the form remains unchanged for use today. If you are interested, you can mail the form to the address at the top. You can also fill out and E-mail the form to bchnmzunichapter@gmail.com and use that same e-mail address to make the dues payment by PayPal. (You can also use the link on the right side of the screen for PayPal.)

BCH Membership 2021

Would you like to get involved and meet new people? Riders, non-riders, friends, family members, and all BCHNM ZMC members are welcome to participate in helping BCHNM ZMC help you and your horse. BCHNM ZMC is an all-volunteer organization. Listed below are many exciting opportunities for our member-volunteers to pitch in. Our membership application provides you the opportunity to indicate which activities are of interest to you. Stay tuned for more opportunities to volunteer!

Once again we are announcing a bunch of excellent openings for talented, dedicated BCHNM ZMC volunteers. BCHNM ZMC has several positions and projects that need YOU!

  • Newsletter Editor
  • Trail Committee
  • Ambassador/Liaison with Other Horse Groups
  • Board Member
  • Public Lands Appreciation Day Organizer
  • Membership Drive Coordinator
  • Liaison with Public Land Managers all over the County on equestrian issues

Is there a talented newsletter editor locked inside you just waiting to be asked? Are you a trail rider looking to give back something to the community for all the pleasure you and your horse have derived from New Mexico’s trail system? Less outdoorsy but really up on internet technology? How about a committee chair position? A doer but not necessarily a leader? — then how about serving on a committee? Don’t know what you might like to do but want to contribute somehow?

For more information contact Anna Larson at 505-870-9475.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Do I have to attend meetings? No, but you are encouraged to participate because meetings allow us to collectively decide issues, work dates, ideas, and to socialize.
  • Do I have to have a horse? No. While using our horses to clear trails is what we are primarily about, you can support us by being an officer, volunteering your time to organize events such as trash pick-ups, or attending functions such as BLM or Forest Service meetings. If you know how to ride, there are may be horses available for you to use.
  • What skills should I possess? Not everybody needs to know how to use and operate a chainsaw. We learn as we go. Most people know how to cut a branch or move a rock. Whatever you need there is someone who can show you the ropes. If you need to improve some skill, there are opportunities to become more experienced such as certificate classes or even general outings. We encourage people to have CPR training. First Aid, and other skills for the good of the group.
  • I have never camped out with my horse overnight. How do I prepare and learn to do this? You won’t be doing this alone. We have lists of items to bring, as well as some extra gear if you’re missing something. We are here to help. Besides ourselves, there are videos online and books available for you to use.
  • What types of rides are there? We have basically three types of rides.
    • 1. Training rides, especially in the spring or early summer to get ourselves and our horses in shape. This is may also cover getting a new horse used to the sights and sounds of clearing a trail.
    • 2. Work Rides, where we do trail work and maintenance for equestrian and hiker use. As there is currently a lack of designated trails, our chapter is primarily working on “ground proofing” or riding proposed trails that may not exist on the ground. We are using GPS units to get as close to the propose trail locations as possible and to determine the amount of work needed to help build the trails.
    • 3. Pack trips, where we assist other user groups such as Volunteers for the Outdoors in packing in their gear for extended work in the wilderness.
  • Special Events
    BCHNM runs several events every year. Each of these events need volunteers to plan, setup, decorate, and otherwise ‘run the show’. We’re also eager to get new ideas about what events would attract our members.
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan
    Help establish evacuation plans for the county – involving developing lists of trailer owners willing to respond, people who can help with horses in stressful situations, and places that will take horses and horse people until the emergency is resolved.

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