Trail Ride Rescheduled

Our recent trail ride was cancelled due to bad weather and flash flood warnings on the day of the ride. We have rescheduled it for October 21st. Same time, Same place. I hope that you can all come and have a great ride. It should be a fun and exciting day. If you would like to pre-register, please click here 2017 RIDE Registration form.


Fund Raiser Pre-Entry form

If you would like to pre-enter for the fun Scavenger hunt fundraiser trail ride, please download the form below and return with your entry.  We thank you for your support and let you know that your donation will go towards building new trails and maintaining existing trails for public use.

2017 RIDE Registration form



“>Type of Membership
Single Membership $40.00 USD
Family Membership $60.00 USD
Student $3.00 USD



Upcoming Events

Monthly Meeting

Date: Saturday September 9th at 3:00 pm
Location: Anna’s House 16 Hwy 612, Thoreau, NM 87323
Pot Luck late lunch/dinner please bring a dish to share.

Prep Ride for the Fundraiser Ride

Date: Saturday September 16th at 9:00 AM
Location: Continental Divide Radar Site
Bring your lunch for after the ride.

Prep Ride for the Fundraiser Ride

Date: Weekend of the 23-24th To be determined
Time 9:00 AM If needed
Bring a lunch, This ride will only happen if we need to do more work on the trails.

Ride the Divide Fundraiser Ride:

Date: September 30th Start time 10:00 AM
All volunteers need to be there no later than 8:00 AM to help with assignments.



September Fundraiser ride


Please join us for our second annual fund raiser ride. We have decided to do a scavenger hunt on horse back this year. We decided that a “photo” hunt would be interesting. Please bring along a digital camera of some sort. It can be a stand alone, on your phone, or in your GPS unit. We will be “hiding” some objects or items along the trail and give you a few clues to what it might be. You’ll need to figure out the clue and take a photo of what you think it might be. Some will be easy, and some harder. If you don’t have a camera, you can also write down what you found.

After the ride, we will have a cook out, a raffle and prizes for the various categories.

The loop trail will be around 6 miles long with some hills, some trees and some open valleys. Great views and a great space to come and camp. There is camping available at the parking site. No corrals available unless you bring your own and limited water. There is likely to be water on the trail at a couple sites if your horse will drink from stock ponds. Please no stallions or dogs on the trails.

Contact for more details on how to enter.



Upcoming Events

July 29- and possibly 30 (Weather Permitting)
Location: Quartz Hill
Ride time 9:00
This ride is going to be Iffy due to the rains and bad road conditions. We need to double check the road on Thursday this week to see if we can even get in there. Alternate ride site will be to meet at the end of the pavement on Mount Taylor. There is a big gravel parking area on the sides where we can park.  If you are unsure, call before you haul.

August 12

Location: Milk Ranch
Ride time: 9:00
We will need an alternate location if it continues to rain and the road/parking area there is to soft to get trailers into it.

August 15-22

Location: Cebolla Wilderness off Hwy 117
Camping and packing
The work project for the BLM. Please let me know if you can work a couple days or over the weekend etc. Some pack horses are needed, but others can come and ride and help pack and load. It’s too far out for most for a single day and it will be long days.

August 27th.

Location: Continental Divide Radar Site
Time: 9:00
Prep ride at Continental Divide for the fundraiser ride. We need to scope out the locations to “hide” the scavenger hunt items.

Bi County Fair Booth
August 31 Afternoon,
Friday Sept 1st, Sat Sept 2, Sunday Sept 3,
Need volunteers to man the booth. Send days and times you can help.

Sept 9th Meeting at Anna’s house and prep for Fundraiser ride. Would late afternoon 3ish with pot luck work?  Respond with time best for you.
Sept 16
Location Continental Divide Radar Site
Time 9:00 Am
Ride the divide Prep for the fundraiser ride.
Sept 23 or 24 Ride the divide prep possible second ride. If necessary.
Sept 30
Ride the Divide Fundraiser ride.


Ride and Meeting

Saturday July 15th

9:00 AM Ride out time.

Meeting around noonish after the ride. Bring your lunch.


Trails Mapping in the Bluewater area. I still want to check out the trail up to Mt Sedgewick, but there are other trails to ride in there as well.
Note: all rides subject to cancellation due to weather or fire conditions. Check weather and call before you haul just in case. This one’s close to Anna’s house so she should know the conditions that day. Parking site is suitable for overnight camping. If you want to come the day before and camp, or camp overnight after the ride you are welcome. Stage 2 Restrictions are in effect. So no open flames or smoking.

If you come in from I-40 at the Thoreau Exit (53) and travel up Highway 612 to the end of the pavement. I believe it’s about 4 miles on the gravel road to the road junction. However if you come from Grants and get on the Gravel road in Grants. it’s approximately 30 miles of gravel road. Easiest to come down I-40 to Thoreau sometimes due to logging trucks.



AGENDA – July 15 2017

Bluewater Trails after the Ride

  1. Call to Order and Introductions (if there are new people in the group)


  1. Reports:
    1. Approval of June, 2017 Meeting Minutes
    2. Treasurer’s Report–
    3. Ride Reports – Anna
      1. Parade
      2. Gallup video Ride—Video is out and looks great
    4. Zuni Mountain Trails Updates – Anna
    5. Adventure Gallup meetings- Jackie
    6. Zuni Mountain Collaborative report-
      1. None this month


  1. Old Business:
    1. Call for Volunteers to:
      1. Events Committee
      2. Publicity Committee
    2. Fund Raisers
      1. September trail ride event- Need to work on donations for prizes, etc
      2. Committee to plan fundraiser ride for Fall. Need help
  • Bi-County Fair booth



  1. Meeting Locations
  2. Ride locations

Recommendations for rides in July and August

August, or September, will need to mark trail for fundraiser ride at Divide.

  1. Purchase of trail maintenance tools. Complete.
  2. By laws changes per state by laws changes.


  1. New Business:


  1. Public Comments


  1. Adjourn

Stage Two Restrictions, News and Events

The biggest reason we didn’t go riding this past weekend is one major component of Stage II restrictions:

Using a motor vehicle off of National Forest System roads, except in developed campgrounds and trailheads and areas within 10 feet of the roadway where there is no vegetation.

We have very limited places to park where there is no vegetation and/or a developed camp ground or trail head. We were unable to go to the McGaffey–Hilso trails due to the special mountain bike event, and changing the location last minute as well as sending out new directions and mapping out new ride locations was just not possible. We are still able to ride at the moment and lets pray for that rain that’s trying to come down. Until the stage two restrictions are lifted. We can still ride at the following locations.

  1. Continental Divide as long as we park on the pavement or on the side roads.
  2. Park and ride from the parking lot at the end of the pavement on Mt. Taylor.
  3. McGaffey-Hilso area if we pull off into one of the existing camp sites and stay within the boundaries there.
  4. Gallup Northside Trails.
  5. Bluewater Junction roads as long as we park on those side roads off the main road.

Our next event will be the 4th of July Parade. I don’t have the spot or line up time at the moment. Last year, I got the information the evening before the event. I believe we lined up at 7:30 though so be prepared to be there early.

Then I’d like to set up rides for the following weekends:

Please respond with ride locations of your choice: and Sat or Sunday rides. Thanks.

July 15-16 either day

July 29-30 either day.

August 12-13

August 26-27

Then we have the Bi-County Fair booth Sept 1-4 (please respond if you can volunteer to man the booth and what days and times you can come)

Ride Sept 9-10

Ride at continental divide Sept 23-24 to prepare

Fund raiser ride Sept 30

All will be dependent on weather conditions (ie if we can get into the location) and fire restrictions.

Also I’m working on a work project for us to clear some trails up on Mount Taylor. The Forest Rec Specialist is preparing a plan and the information that we need to complete that work. No date and time information on that one yet.

And we need to set a date for the next meeting. I’d like it to be July 15-16 after the ride or if we have to cancel the ride, then at my house as a back up.