Mt. Taylor Ranger District Stage 1 Fire Restrictions

USFS announced Stage 1 fire restrictions. We can still go out camping as planned at the end of June (unless new restrictions are put into place). We just cannot have an open campfire. Please plan on bringing propane cook tops for cooking any food and making coffee etc. If you’re a smoker, there will be NO SMOKING on the trail. Please keep smoking to inside your vehicles. And don’t forget to bring extra water for your horses.


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September Fundraiser Ride

We are working on the trails for our second annual fundraiser ride. This year we are creating a second slightly longer trail for those who would like a longer ride. There will be two loops available. One a short and easy 4 to 5 mile ride and one a longer 7 to 8 mile that is a little more technically challenging. It’s not majorly hard, but will be a hill climb and some rocky areas.  We don’t want to get too long of a ride because we still need riders to come back into camp to turn in their cards for the prizes.

Come for the weekend if you want. There is plenty of room for camping and more trails to ride on your own or with a group the next day.

Plan to come out and have a fun day.

trail map

June Ride and Meeting

The June ride and meeting date has been set.

Date: June 24th-June 25th If you want to come and camp and have a two day ride.

Time: Try and ride out by 9:00 AM  Meeting will be on 24th 1:00ish after the first day ride.

Location: Parking/ Meeting at North end of Bonita Canyon off Zuni Canyon Rd.


From Grants- Exit 81 (aka San Rafael exit) South on Hwy 53 very short distance. Turn Right (west) on Zuni Canyon road. Go approximately 10 miles on Zuni Canyon road. There will be a road to the left that says FR 447.  About three tenths of a mile is a Y. Take the right fork and got about four tenths of a mile past the open meadow to a couple hills that have the trees on them. Find a camp/parking spot.

From Ramah/ Hwy 53- you can take Zuni Canyon road going north near the Ice  Caves, it will be about 10.6 miles on the dirt road to the turn off point.

As for the ride, we have not done much evaluation of the trails here in the Quartz Hill area, but we need to as they have ALREADY been funded and construction by the YCC crew will start in 2019. This area is fairly rocky and more lava rock then other areas of the forest. I have mapped out the “potential trails” as well as existing two track roads that we can used instead if the trail locations are not yet suitable for horses. Keith, Donna, and I rode here one time before and had to stay away from the lava rock areas. But the large numbers of existing two tracks allows us to complete loop trails without an issue. I’d recommend bring hoof boots if you have them as a precaution.

I’ve mapped out potentially 10-15 mile sets of trails. Quartz Hill ridequartz Hill topo


First Annual 7 Trails of Gold event

Well the first annual geocaching trails event that our chapter participated in is over. It was a nice day and the group had a good ride. We encourage others to come and attend next year. We did have a decent turn out of hikers and motor bikes and other geocachers, but the equestrian attendance was low.

Debbie, Mary Jo, and Anna hosted a booth in town in conjunction with the New Mexico Horse Council.

Keith, Helen, Aaron and the kids, and Donna, Gary and Robert were all out at the trail head willing to help out riders with any issues. The biggest issue of the day it seems was the big, BIG snake that almost got stepped on. Be careful on the trails where ever you ride.

(all photos provided by Debbie Bodley)

Weekend ride and Upcoming events

We had a neat ride this weekend setting up the Geocaches for the June 3rd event. For those of you interested in bringing a horse, the trail will be around 10 miles (depending on how you go) and will have at least 4 caches. Rumor has it that the event host wants to add two more in the area, so it could have 6 total. We have two photo cache points and two (or maybe 4) physical caches that will probably have some room for small trade items.

We will have safety riders out the day of the event to help people orient themselves to the trail. Come ride with us.

We will continue our beautification project on Thursday May 25th at 8:30 AM at the new county building at 700 Roosevelt Ave.  (Next to Smiths). When we complete our 22.5 hours, the group will receive a $500 check for the contract work. Good job guys! and Thanks for all the volunteers.

Also this weekend on Saturday (WOW what a busy weekend) we will also be “movie stars”. Sort of. Adventure Gallup is creating new promotional videos for the area and asked us to show up and be included in their new videos. We will be out getting filmed riding the trails around Gallup. We hope to have a great turnout as at least 12 riders have committed to being there so far. Lets go show the mountain bike crowd how it’s done.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!