4th of July Parade

We had fun at the parade.

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Stage Two Restrictions, News and Events

The biggest reason we didn’t go riding this past weekend is one major component of Stage II restrictions:

Using a motor vehicle off of National Forest System roads, except in developed campgrounds and trailheads and areas within 10 feet of the roadway where there is no vegetation.

We have very limited places to park where there is no vegetation and/or a developed camp ground or trail head. We were unable to go to the McGaffey–Hilso trails due to the special mountain bike event, and changing the location last minute as well as sending out new directions and mapping out new ride locations was just not possible. We are still able to ride at the moment and lets pray for that rain that’s trying to come down. Until the stage two restrictions are lifted. We can still ride at the following locations.

  1. Continental Divide as long as we park on the pavement or on the side roads.
  2. Park and ride from the parking lot at the end of the pavement on Mt. Taylor.
  3. McGaffey-Hilso area if we pull off into one of the existing camp sites and stay within the boundaries there.
  4. Gallup Northside Trails.
  5. Bluewater Junction roads as long as we park on those side roads off the main road.

Our next event will be the 4th of July Parade. I don’t have the spot or line up time at the moment. Last year, I got the information the evening before the event. I believe we lined up at 7:30 though so be prepared to be there early.

Then I’d like to set up rides for the following weekends:

Please respond with ride locations of your choice: and Sat or Sunday rides. Thanks.

July 15-16 either day

July 29-30 either day.

August 12-13

August 26-27

Then we have the Bi-County Fair booth Sept 1-4 (please respond if you can volunteer to man the booth and what days and times you can come)

Ride Sept 9-10

Ride at continental divide Sept 23-24 to prepare

Fund raiser ride Sept 30

All will be dependent on weather conditions (ie if we can get into the location) and fire restrictions.

Also I’m working on a work project for us to clear some trails up on Mount Taylor. The Forest Rec Specialist is preparing a plan and the information that we need to complete that work. No date and time information on that one yet.

And we need to set a date for the next meeting. I’d like it to be July 15-16 after the ride or if we have to cancel the ride, then at my house as a back up.

Forth of July Parade

A few of us had fun at last year’s Grant’s parade and we’ve decided to do it again. The entry fee has already been paid, and we are official to go. If possible we’d like to try and dress the part of old time days.  So get your horses all dolled up and lets go have fun.