Nails don’t belong in the forest

The Zuni Mountain Chapter Back County Horsemen completed a second clean up in the Bonita Canyon area over the weekend. We didn’t get quite as much trash as the last time, but what we did do was clean up a huge old campfire full of nails.

That’s right, nails! Apparently someone hauled out a bunch of pallets full of nails out into the forest and made a big camp fire sometime ago. We found this site on our last outing so it wasn’t done during these fire restrictions. Anyway there were thousands of nails in this area.

Every person who uses the forest can be affected by nails. If you ride an ATV, you don’t want your tires punctured by them. If you ranch and graze cattle, you don’t want your cows accidentally ingesting the nails. If you hunt, you don’t want the elk and deer to accidentally step on a nail and die from infection before you can complete your hunt. If you hike, you don’t want to step on one and get injured.

Nails cause all kinds of damage in the forest. They affect everyone who uses the forest. When fires are allowed in the forest (not right now, due to fire restrictions) please remember not to bring wood that has objects that can damage the environment.

Clean wood is acceptable, burning pallets is not. We spent quite a bit of time trying to clean up the mess left by this careless camp fire. Anyone who uses this site may be affected by the carelessness of the ones who left behind this mess.



On the bright side, this weekend’s clean-up was cut short by much needed rain the the Zuni Mountains. The moisture also brought out the snakes. I think at last count, we came across at least five or six snakes in less than an hour and a half. We still managed to pick up seven bags of trash, four unburned pallets, a tire, and several five gallon bucket fulls of those pesky nails.


There is still more trash out there, and we encourage everyone to make sure to pick up your trash and any other trash you find along the way. Please don’t be part of the problem, be a part of the solution. Don’t trash our forests.





Ride to the Summit

Anyone interested in riding to the Summit of Mount Taylor?

We are offering a guided trail ride on Saturday June the 9th in conjunction with the City of Grants Seven Trails of Gold outdoor event.  Please note: ride will be dependent on weather and USFS fire restrictions.

We will also have to limit the total number of riders to 40 this year and an RSVP will be required.

There is dispersed camping available in the general area where we will ride out from. Details are still being worked out, but we will get all the information as soon as possible. Check back for new information as it becomes available.

Bonita Canyon Trash Clean-up.

Bonita Canyon Trash Clean-up.

We completed three hours of trash clean-up in the Bonita Canyon area this past weekend. We will hold another clean-up in a couple weeks to help keep the area clean.

This is the “before” photos of the area. As you can see there are tires, old clothes, a refrigerator and hundreds of bottles and cans. Someone even dumped out their old, fake Christmas tree with lights still left on.


After the Clean-up, we had a trailer load of trash bags and junk. We collected a 55 gallon barrel full of aluminum cans as well as a half a barrel full of glass. We left behind a prettier and cleaner landscape for now.

Fund Raiser Pre-Entry form

If you would like to pre-enter for the fun Scavenger hunt fundraiser trail ride, please download the form below and return with your entry.  We thank you for your support and let you know that your donation will go towards building new trails and maintaining existing trails for public use.

2017 RIDE Registration form



“>Type of Membership
Single Membership $40.00 USD
Family Membership $60.00 USD
Student $3.00 USD