Upcoming Events

July 29- and possibly 30 (Weather Permitting)
Location: Quartz Hill
Ride time 9:00
This ride is going to be Iffy due to the rains and bad road conditions. We need to double check the road on Thursday this week to see if we can even get in there. Alternate ride site will be to meet at the end of the pavement on Mount Taylor. There is a big gravel parking area on the sides where we can park.  If you are unsure, call before you haul.

August 12

Location: Milk Ranch
Ride time: 9:00
We will need an alternate location if it continues to rain and the road/parking area there is to soft to get trailers into it.

August 15-22

Location: Cebolla Wilderness off Hwy 117
Camping and packing
The work project for the BLM. Please let me know if you can work a couple days or over the weekend etc. Some pack horses are needed, but others can come and ride and help pack and load. It’s too far out for most for a single day and it will be long days.

August 27th.

Location: Continental Divide Radar Site
Time: 9:00
Prep ride at Continental Divide for the fundraiser ride. We need to scope out the locations to “hide” the scavenger hunt items.

Bi County Fair Booth
August 31 Afternoon,
Friday Sept 1st, Sat Sept 2, Sunday Sept 3,
Need volunteers to man the booth. Send days and times you can help.

Sept 9th Meeting at Anna’s house and prep for Fundraiser ride. Would late afternoon 3ish with pot luck work?  Respond with time best for you.
Sept 16
Location Continental Divide Radar Site
Time 9:00 Am
Ride the divide Prep for the fundraiser ride.
Sept 23 or 24 Ride the divide prep possible second ride. If necessary.
Sept 30
Ride the Divide Fundraiser ride.



Volunteer hours

We are doing quite well on our volunteer hours for this year. Keep up the good work, by the end of the year, we should pass up last year’s hours. Although I still have a couple rides to document, we already have at least 435.75 total hours at a value of $17,166.31 to the community.

We will need some help planning and preparing for the fundraiser ride in September, so lets get working on that.

I’m also waiting for the USFS Recreation specialist to get back from a fire so we can talk to him about maintaining some trails in McGaffey. I hope we can have a work ride weekend over there sometime in the near future (ie like July)

So keep working guys. We’re doing good.


June Ride and Meeting

The June ride and meeting date has been set.

Date: June 24th-June 25th If you want to come and camp and have a two day ride.

Time: Try and ride out by 9:00 AM  Meeting will be on 24th 1:00ish after the first day ride.

Location: Parking/ Meeting at North end of Bonita Canyon off Zuni Canyon Rd.


From Grants- Exit 81 (aka San Rafael exit) South on Hwy 53 very short distance. Turn Right (west) on Zuni Canyon road. Go approximately 10 miles on Zuni Canyon road. There will be a road to the left that says FR 447.  About three tenths of a mile is a Y. Take the right fork and got about four tenths of a mile past the open meadow to a couple hills that have the trees on them. Find a camp/parking spot.

From Ramah/ Hwy 53- you can take Zuni Canyon road going north near the Ice  Caves, it will be about 10.6 miles on the dirt road to the turn off point.

As for the ride, we have not done much evaluation of the trails here in the Quartz Hill area, but we need to as they have ALREADY been funded and construction by the YCC crew will start in 2019. This area is fairly rocky and more lava rock then other areas of the forest. I have mapped out the “potential trails” as well as existing two track roads that we can used instead if the trail locations are not yet suitable for horses. Keith, Donna, and I rode here one time before and had to stay away from the lava rock areas. But the large numbers of existing two tracks allows us to complete loop trails without an issue. I’d recommend bring hoof boots if you have them as a precaution.

I’ve mapped out potentially 10-15 mile sets of trails. Quartz Hill ridequartz Hill topo


May 21st Ride

This will be our final ride before the Geocaching event. I know some people will be out at Rendezvous for this ride, but for those not going, we will be riding out to place the caches for the June 3rd event.

Location: Lime Kiln Canyon

Date May 21, 2017

Time: Ready to ride out at 9:00

Distance: Approximately 9 miles

Directions:  LimeKiln cannot be accessed from I-40. You need to get off the Interstate and onto NM Rd 122 AKA Old Route 66.

From Grants/Milan, you can get off at any exit in the Grants/Milan area, and continue west on the main street through Grants/Milan. Continue west past the NMDOT road Department and the next small community of houses on the left hand side. The road will be on the left after the housing development. Known as Sawmill Road, The road to the dump, or USFS RD 180. Take the road past the transfer station and over the bridge across the interstate. First cattle guard is right after you come across the bridge. Second cattle guard about one half mile down the gravel road. Turn left on the first road past second cattle guard and go about 1 tenth mile down road to parking area.

From Thoreau, Gallup and beyond, I-40 to Bluewater Village exit 72 (AKA Dairy Queen or Bowlins Travel Center.) go North (Turn left) and go to NM Rd 122 (AKA Old Route 66) and turn east, (right). You’ll go several miles before you see the sign for the transfer station on the right. Turn right . Known as Sawmill Road, The road to the dump, or USFS RD 180. Take the road past the transfer station and over the bridge across the interstate. First cattle guard is right after you come across the bridge. Second cattle guard about one half mile down the gravel road. Turn left on the first road past second cattle guard and go about 1 tenth mile down road to parking area.

If you have any questions, let me know.



Ojo Redondo Scoping Ride

April 23, 2017


Anna Larson, Debra Bodley, Carolyn Esquivel, Tia Polk, Aaron Hammond, Helen Hammond, Greg Hammond, Amanda Hammond, Bryn Hammond, James Hammond, and Taylor Hammond

We started at the Junction of USFS 180 and 178 as shown on attached map. We’ve already ridden the eastern trail paralleling USFS 178 and have reported on it before. Issues here are the same as last reported. Large amounts of downed trees in certain areas. Also water was high and there were more creek crossings and marshy spots on this ride.

The western section is the newly explored section. Mainly following a two track road. We only had an issue in one area where there were downed trees in the ravine that prevented us from continuing along the trail. We made a short cut around to the nearest junction on the trail. (as shown by the larger circled area on the map). Over all except for that short portion we were unable to evaluate, this trail is a moderate trail. Some hill climbs for both horses and bikers that would make it a bit strenuous. The one cattle guard along the road has a gate next to it for access. Other than the downed trees and some creek crossings, there were no other major blockages along the trails. Overall moderate to easy access and well suited for most riders.

Terrain was beautiful and the creek was running enough for a pretty waterfall to be formed along the way. Very nice spot.

Ojo Redondo Scoping ride

May Ride and Meeting

Here is the map of the ride I hope we are able to complete for this ride. The distance is around 7 miles. I’d also like to evaluate this additional loop as an alternate for the fundraiser ride in September.

Looks like the weather will be decent and in the mid-70’s. Don’t forget your lunch for the meeting after the ride.


May Divide RideDate: Saturday May 6th
Time: 9:00 for Ride with Lunch meeting to follow about noonish.
Location: Continental Divide Radar Site.
Project: To prepare for September fundraiser ride.

Bring lunch fixings as we will have the monthly meeting during the lunch after the ride.

Directions to the trail head are as follows:
Follow I-40 to exit 47 at Continental Divide. Turn south from the exit and then turn right. You will pass a building with a blue roof (used to be a Stuckey’s) on the left. Go 0.2 miles and turn left onto FR 464. You will go over a cattle guard and onto a one lane paved road. Follow this road for 3.8 miles. At 3.3 miles you will go through a gate into USFS land. There are flat areas on the right that are good for camping.
There is a gas station and a shop at Continental Divide where you turn off I-40.

You’re welcome to stay and camp overnight and ride again on Sunday if you want.