Ride and Meeting

Saturday July 15th

9:00 AM Ride out time.

Meeting around noonish after the ride. Bring your lunch.


Trails Mapping in the Bluewater area. I still want to check out the trail up to Mt Sedgewick, but there are other trails to ride in there as well.
Note: all rides subject to cancellation due to weather or fire conditions. Check weather and call before you haul just in case. This one’s close to Anna’s house so she should know the conditions that day. Parking site is suitable for overnight camping. If you want to come the day before and camp, or camp overnight after the ride you are welcome. Stage 2 Restrictions are in effect. So no open flames or smoking.

If you come in from I-40 at the Thoreau Exit (53) and travel up Highway 612 to the end of the pavement. I believe it’s about 4 miles on the gravel road to the road junction. However if you come from Grants and get on the Gravel road in Grants. it’s approximately 30 miles of gravel road. Easiest to come down I-40 to Thoreau sometimes due to logging trucks.



AGENDA – July 15 2017

Bluewater Trails after the Ride

  1. Call to Order and Introductions (if there are new people in the group)


  1. Reports:
    1. Approval of June, 2017 Meeting Minutes
    2. Treasurer’s Report–
    3. Ride Reports – Anna
      1. Parade
      2. Gallup video Ride—Video is out and looks great
    4. Zuni Mountain Trails Updates – Anna
    5. Adventure Gallup meetings- Jackie
    6. Zuni Mountain Collaborative report-
      1. None this month


  1. Old Business:
    1. Call for Volunteers to:
      1. Events Committee
      2. Publicity Committee
    2. Fund Raisers
      1. September trail ride event- Need to work on donations for prizes, etc
      2. Committee to plan fundraiser ride for Fall. Need help
  • Bi-County Fair booth



  1. Meeting Locations
  2. Ride locations

Recommendations for rides in July and August

August, or September, will need to mark trail for fundraiser ride at Divide.

  1. Purchase of trail maintenance tools. Complete.
  2. By laws changes per state by laws changes.


  1. New Business:


  1. Public Comments


  1. Adjourn

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