June Meeting Agenda


AGENDA – June 24, 2017

Quartz Hill Trail after the Ride

1.     Call to Order and Introductions (if there are new people in the group)

2.     Reports:

a.      Approval of April, 2017 Meeting Minutes (NO minutes for May)

b.     Treasurer’s Report–

c.      Ride Reports – Anna

i.     Divide Ride scoping for fundraiser

ii.     Geocaching set up ride

iii.     Gallup video Ride

d.     Zuni Mountain Trails Updates – Anna

i.     We are OFFICIAL!

e.      Adventure Gallup meetings- Jackie

f.      Zuni Mountain Collaborative report-

i.     Discussed the possibility of collaborating with McKinley county and USFS                 regarding Equestrian Friendly camp ground at the divide.

g.     Grants Main Street- Geocaching Event Report

h.     State Board meeting

i.       Rendezvous report?? (if either one can make it)

3.     Old Business:

a.      Call for Volunteers to:

i.     Events Committee

ii.     Publicity Committee

b.     Fund Raisers

i.     September trail ride event- Need to work on donations for prizes, etc

ii.     Committee to plan fundraiser ride for Fall. Need help

iii.     Bi-County Fair booth

c. Meeting Locations:

d. Ride locations

Parade on 4th of July

Recommendations for rides in July and August

August, or September, will need to mark trail for fundraiser ride at Divide.

4.     New Business:

a.      Evaluate By-laws based on changes made at State Level

b.     Discuss purchase of a second banner in cases where we will be two places on same day.

c.      Discuss purchase of trail maintenance tools.

5.     Public Comments

6.     Adjourn


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