June Ride and Meeting

The June ride and meeting date has been set.

Date: June 24th-June 25th If you want to come and camp and have a two day ride.

Time: Try and ride out by 9:00 AM  Meeting will be on 24th 1:00ish after the first day ride.

Location: Parking/ Meeting at North end of Bonita Canyon off Zuni Canyon Rd.


From Grants- Exit 81 (aka San Rafael exit) South on Hwy 53 very short distance. Turn Right (west) on Zuni Canyon road. Go approximately 10 miles on Zuni Canyon road. There will be a road to the left that says FR 447.  About three tenths of a mile is a Y. Take the right fork and got about four tenths of a mile past the open meadow to a couple hills that have the trees on them. Find a camp/parking spot.

From Ramah/ Hwy 53- you can take Zuni Canyon road going north near the Ice  Caves, it will be about 10.6 miles on the dirt road to the turn off point.

As for the ride, we have not done much evaluation of the trails here in the Quartz Hill area, but we need to as they have ALREADY been funded and construction by the YCC crew will start in 2019. This area is fairly rocky and more lava rock then other areas of the forest. I have mapped out the “potential trails” as well as existing two track roads that we can used instead if the trail locations are not yet suitable for horses. Keith, Donna, and I rode here one time before and had to stay away from the lava rock areas. But the large numbers of existing two tracks allows us to complete loop trails without an issue. I’d recommend bring hoof boots if you have them as a precaution.

I’ve mapped out potentially 10-15 mile sets of trails. Quartz Hill ridequartz Hill topo



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