Ojo Redondo Scoping Ride

April 23, 2017


Anna Larson, Debra Bodley, Carolyn Esquivel, Tia Polk, Aaron Hammond, Helen Hammond, Greg Hammond, Amanda Hammond, Bryn Hammond, James Hammond, and Taylor Hammond

We started at the Junction of USFS 180 and 178 as shown on attached map. We’ve already ridden the eastern trail paralleling USFS 178 and have reported on it before. Issues here are the same as last reported. Large amounts of downed trees in certain areas. Also water was high and there were more creek crossings and marshy spots on this ride.

The western section is the newly explored section. Mainly following a two track road. We only had an issue in one area where there were downed trees in the ravine that prevented us from continuing along the trail. We made a short cut around to the nearest junction on the trail. (as shown by the larger circled area on the map). Over all except for that short portion we were unable to evaluate, this trail is a moderate trail. Some hill climbs for both horses and bikers that would make it a bit strenuous. The one cattle guard along the road has a gate next to it for access. Other than the downed trees and some creek crossings, there were no other major blockages along the trails. Overall moderate to easy access and well suited for most riders.

Terrain was beautiful and the creek was running enough for a pretty waterfall to be formed along the way. Very nice spot.

Ojo Redondo Scoping ride


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