Continental Divide Equestrian Trails

Continental Divide Trails map

  1. Radar Hill Lookout Loop. This loop starts on the southeast side of the hill near the camping area and follows the old paved road to the top of the hill. There is an open area at the top were you can take photos of the valley below. Then you can follow the road back around the northwest side of the hill back down to one of two connector roads. 0.6 miles
  2. Connector to Rim Road- An old dirt road that connects to the Road 1 or to Rim Road. 0.4 miles
  3. Rim Road- An old two track road. 0.4 miles to the Rim Loop road.
  4. Rim Loop- Follows the edge of the cliff and dead ends at a private property fenceline. 0.3 miles round trip.

Rim Road and Rim loop total mileage 0.7miles

  1. Off the Rim- Trail is unmarked and undeveloped. We just followed the edge of the rim back to a safe place to descend into the valley. 0.5 miles
  2. Road 1 Currently existing USFS road leaving the west end of the parking areas down the hill and into the valley. 1.2 miles to junction with Easy Loop
  3. Shortcut- Additional two track trail connector between Road 1 and Easy Loop 0.4 miles
  4. Easy Loop- Follows designated USFS road to junction with East Road. 2.2 miles
  5. Hill Climb- Follows old logging/two track trail until it fades out near the south end. Junction with East Road is not developed and difficult to locate. Does climb in elevation and has rocky climbs. 1.6 miles
  6. East Road- Junctions with Road 1 at the bottom of the hill and heads east past the stock tank. Follows a designated USFS road past the junction with Easy Loop. Near the junction with Hill Climb, the road fades and the trail becomes undeveloped. Difficult to locate a junction with Hill Climb. 3.2 miles one way.
  7. Lost Shoe Turnaround- Difficult rocky area. We didn’t ride much in this area after one of the horses lost a shoe 0.6 miles both ways.
  8. Corral Trail- Two track trail with a small portion through private land around a livestock corral and joins with East Road. 0.6 miles
  9. Homestead Road- Two track trail continues west from the junction of Easy Loop and Road 1. It zig-zags around some pretty rock formations and then follows an old railroad spur. You will see old rail road ties along the way. When you come to the gate/fence at the spring, you cross into State of NM land and then a short while later it cuts back into USFS land. You will see the remains of several cabins and or corrals along both sides of the road. 1.2 miles one way. So far I haven’t worked out a loop back from there.

Trail loops from parking area to down Road 1 to Easy Loop and back around to East Road then back up Corral Trail – 4.4 miles.

From parking area down either East Road or Road 1 to Hill Climb and back to Easy Loop then back to parking area – 7.2 miles. Keep in mind that the junction between Hill

Climb and East Road has not been marked or developed.



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